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CEO Message

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CEO Message

Thank you very much, customers who love KDB Life Insurance.

President & CEO of KDB Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

I know that the biggest reason why KDB life has grown into its current shape since its inception was due to the constant interest and love from our customers. The only way for KDB Life to repay your support is to serve as a reliable life insurance company.

"We are going to take a step further into a straight, solid life insurance company."

Insurance contracts are based on the trust of customers and insurance companies. Most of the assets held by insurance companies consist of your insurance premiums and are valuable resources to be returned to you in the future. We will develop into a trusted KDB life, an insurance company that doesn't waste even one won.

"We will become a leading life insurance company in consumer rights protection."

KDB Life Insurance is an affiliate of the state-run Korea Development Bank, and we will do our best to sell it in full with a strong sense of mission to protect consumer rights. By understanding the customer's position first and offering you the insurance products you really need, we will become the leading insurance company in the recovery of consumer confidence.

We ask for your continued attention and encouragement as you grow into a strong and reliable KDB life.